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Who we are We are an integrated media agency providing hosts of services ranging from compilation to analyzing media reports both through software and human intervention. The resulting media intelligence is packaged according to client specifications and delivered to those clients in a timely fashion, i.e., as close to real-time as possible.

The Service Bucket Includes:
Media Monitoring Timely and comprehensive coverage from 17 cities and 700+ publications across India. The daily Media Impression Report includes coverage from extensive media sources, ensuring effective feedback on the impact of your communication, each customized according to your need, look and feel. We provide full access to broad-based media coverage across geographies. This assists in
We provide full access to broad-based media coverage across geographies. This assists in

  • Real time impact assessment
  • Assessing Regional foothold
  • Enables direct connect obliterating linguistic barriers
  • Effective target market reach

Media Analysis The effectiveness of your media campaign is thereafter evaluated. IMM+ - Media Impression Analysis provides COMPREHENSIVE analysis of the media impressions garnered vis-a-vis your competitors and industry trends. Each report delivered is hand-crafted to suit the requirement of the end user with great insight and understanding of the scenario. These customized media management solutions can propel your business into a higher orbit.
Additional benefits include:
  • Collated information on national visibility
  • Faster response to competitor’s strategies
  • Quick appraisal on share of voice
  • Crisis management with minimal reaction time and faster turnaround

Our bouquet of services aidthe esteemed clientsto track publicity campaigns, discover the nature and extent of various social trends, and obtain insight on how media and other opinion leaders are responding to their products and messages.This is why corporate communications, public relations, advertising and research professionals are regular, longstanding subscribers of IMM’s media monitoring services, giving them an unseen advantage in communicating more efficiently and effectively with all stakeholders.
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We can set up feeds to monitor 5 million+ news postings each day and can deliver weekly reports of new mentions of your company name, products, brands, issues. We can also set up feeds to track influential general interest portals, vertical portals, influential social networking sites and discussion forums.

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