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Boxers finish with 7 medals

Date: 02/02/2018 | Edition: Pune | Page: 24 | Source: ANI | Clip size (cm): W: 4 H: 6

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Extracted Text data: Boxers finish with 7 medals New Delhi: Indian boxers moiled their mating fans witha bountiful of gold med-als in the India Oren Inter. national Boxing Tourna-ment. led by the inimitable MC Mary Kom. Santee,. Ma. nish Kaushik. Pwilao tiasu matar. 'Janina florgolmin and Pinki Rani and Manii-ha.hereat theTbyaganiSta-dium on Thursday. Uzebektstan and Cuba underlined their class and domination in the middle and heavy categories. het ping themselves colour gold. Five-time world champion Mary Kom got the loudest Cheers as she overc.ime pain and a determined opponent 61 In JOSie Gabuco of the PhIlltpines In the light-fly fi nal. She began on a cautious note. ensuring that she had enough power and minCh left for the final rounds. She sho we] her swiftness and exp. Thence as she bat Josle Ga. bile*. India had as many as nlneboxers in the lOnnalat ternoon card, with two of them competing for the imld Indiebantamweighicategc-ry Assam would be particu-larly proud of their ladies. Math lAvIla0 and !donna emerginicaS the next genera. Honor golden girls weltetwOr mid medalist odina bargohainonnundar Pwilao got the better of Aidapon So-tondo, That. land) 3-2 in the light-welter category while loclina had It easier against Poop in the weitenseight Category. The hosts, however. suffered an unexpected setback In the form of former world chant. pion Santa Devi. She lost to Finland's Marna Mira Pot. konan by a spilt decision in the light weight CateirbrY Sanjeet began the gold march in the men's heavywo ight category as he managed a split decision verdict over fancied Sanjar Tursunov of Uzbekistan. India's second disappointment came In the Middle-weight divISIOn who re Cameroon's Lanky and al ry EalabeClotlideeaSIly fie at Saweety Rostra. She broo ked no oppcol t ion and scrip-ted Shen route victories. both. in the semifinal and the final to take the Kota. am