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Boxers clinch seven gold medals

Date: 02/02/2018 | Edition: Mumbai | Page: 25 | Source: Bureau | Clip size (cm): W: 14 H: 12

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Extracted Text data: INDIA ROUNDUP Boxers clinch seven gold medals Agencies . sportsdesk@hindustantimes.com NEW DELHI:Indian boxers regaled their roaring fans with a bounti-ful of gold medals in the India Open International Boxing Tournament, led by the inimita-ble Mary Kom, Sanjeet, Manish Kaushik, Pwilao Basumatar, Lovlina Borgohain and Pinki Rani, Manisha here at the Thya-garaj Stadium on Thursday. Uzebekistan and Cuba under-lined their class and domination in the middle and heavy catego-ries, helping themselves to four gold. Five-time world champion Mary Kom got the loudest cheers as she overcame pain and a determined opponent 4-1 in Josie Gabuco of the Phillipines in the light-fly final. She began on a cautious note, ensuring that she had enough power and punch left for the final rounds. She showed her swift-• Pwilao beat Thailand's Seesondee Sudaporn in the light-welter category final. PTI ness and experience as she beat Gabuco. India had as many as nine box-ers in the 10-final afternoon card, with two of them competing for the gold in the bantam-weight category. Assam would be par-ticularly proud of their ladies, with Pwilao and Lovlina emerg-ing as the next generation of golden girls.