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Auto future on display at expo

Date: 31/01/2018 | Edition: Bhubaneshwar | Page: 7 | Source: Bureau | Clip size (cm): W: 9 H: 13

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Extracted Text data: v Auto future on display at expo OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT New Delhi: Auto Expo 2018 will see 24 launches and the unveiling of over 100 vehicles, majority of them in the elec-tric vehicle category. "The show will be beyond just electric vehicles (EVs). Expect a host of new and futur-istic technologies on the show-case," Vishnu Mathur, direc-tor-general of the Society of In-dian Automobile Manufactur-ers, said. Auto makers are shifting their medium and long-term focus from diesel and petrol engines to electric as the gov-ernment is targeting an all-electric fleet on the country's roads by 2030 to cut carbon emissions and curb oil im-ports. Motorsports, auto gaming /arena and autonomous vehi-CII Trade Fairs Council chairman Vipin Sondhi with SIAM president Abhay Firodia in New Delhi on Tuesday. PTI cle display will be among the key attractions at the 14th edi-tion of the expo between Feb-ruary 9 and 14. "There are many events happening for the first time, including motorsports, auto gaming arena, future decoded (virtual reality zone) and au-tonomous vehicle display which will show what the fu-ture would be like," SIAM president Abhay Firodia said./