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JK Paper Q3 net profit doubles

Date: 31/01/2018 | Edition: Delhi | Page: 5 | Source: Bureau | Clip size (cm): W: 9 H: 6

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Extracted Text data: JK Paper reported an almost two-fold jump in standalone net profit to Rs 69.81 crore for the third quarter ended December 31, led by volume growth and operational effi-ciencies. The company had posted a net profit of Rs 35.89 crore in October-December quarter last year. In a stae-ment, JK Paper said its total income during the quarter under review stood at Rs 796.76 crore, as against Rs 677.63 crore in the year-ago period. JK Paper vice chair-man & MD I-1 P Singhania said:"1-figher volume, better product mix. operating efficiencies, lower finance costs from better working capital management and continuous deleveraging have all contributed to the improved per-formance quarter-on-quarter."