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Auto Expo set to dazzle audience with launches

Date: 31/01/2018 | Edition: Delhi | Page: 15 | Source: Bureau | Clip size (cm): W: 24 H: 11

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Extracted Text data: FTRACIONG I TRENDS 1 U 'Twitter set to launch dedicated emojis for the auto convention Auto Expo set to dazzle audience with launches AGE CORRESPONDENT NEW DELHI, JAN. 30 With 24 new launches, India's biggest auto show, Auto Expo, is all set to amaze its audience for a week from February 7. The 14th edition of the biennial event, which will see some 12 start-ups par-ticipate in the Auto Expo this time, is expected to 'increase the adrenaline flow', according to SIAM president Abhay Firodia. "This shows the kind of change coming over in the sector and innovation becoming a norm," said Mr Firodia. However, the Auto Expo will see reduced participa-tion as some car compa-BURNT RUBBER THE COMPONENTS 'show will be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from February 8-11. THE AUTO EXPO will see reduced participation as some car firms com-plained about high participation fee. nies complained about high participation fee. Mr Firodia said he does-n't think cost is the major consideration for not par-ticipation. "It is bundle of things (for not participat-ing). Space cost will be around 15 per cent of the total cost for the partici-pant. You participate in the Auto Expo when you have something exciting to showcase. To prepare and present that is a signifi-cant cost," he said. Mr Firodia said that auto companies which partici-pate in Auto Expo don't look at the cost as a waste but rather as an invest-ment in branding and building relationships. He said that companies that don't participate usu-ally do so as the cycle of their product launch does-n't match with the timing of the Auto Expo. Speaking on the events, he said, "There are many events happening for the first time, including Motorsports, auto gaming arena, future decoded (vir-tual reality zone) and autonomous vehicle dis-play which will show what the future would be like." The expo, co-organised by SIAM, CII and Auto Component Manufac-turers Association of India (ACMA), will be held at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida. The components show will be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from February 8-11. Mr Firodia further said that during the expo, visi-tors will get a chance to see what an autonomous vehicle powered by artifi-cial intelligence is and how it will benefit the con-sumer and increase safety. Meanwhile, for the first time Twitter is collaborat-ing with SIAM for the Auto Expo 2018. As part of the collabora-tion, Twitter will be host-ing a special #BlueRoom pop-up show onsite, live stream highlights from the Auto Expo, and make available a custom Auto Expo emoji for automotive fans to share what's hap-pening. For the first time in Asia, Twitter is launching an emoji for an automotive show with the Auto Expo 2018 that would be avail-able till February 28.