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Auto Expo to witness launch of 24 vehicles

Date: 16/01/2018 | Edition: Kolkata | Page: 2 | Source: Shally Seth Mohile | Clip size (cm): W: 12 H: 15

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Extracted Text data: SHALLY SETH MOHILE Mumbai, l5ianuary As many as 24 passenger vehicles and two-wheelers will be launched in this year's edition of Auto Expo — The Motor Show 2018, said officials of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam). The event will also witness unveiling of 100 vehicles, even as a few big brands deciding to give Ha rley-it a miss. Davidso The Siam is co-hosting Chrysler, the biennial show, set to be Vol ksuva held from February 9 to 14, Ford, Vo with Auto Component Nissan, Manufacturer Association. Bajaj Au The regulars at the Royal En show, including Maruti are stayi Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mercedes Benz, Mahindra &Mahindra, Honda Cars, SML Isuzu, Renault, Hyundai, Toyota Kirloskar and Hero MotoCorp, are gearing up to make a splash with a slew of concepts. On the other hand, Harley-Davidson, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen, Triumph Motorcycles, Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Daimler, Bajaj Auto, and Royal Enfield are staying off. Sugato Sen deputy director-gener-al at Siam, said there is nothing extraordinary about some companies deciding to stay oft On an average, only half of the 48 members of Siam take part in the show, he noted. The reasons for a few top brands staying away from the Auto Expo vary from not having enough to showcase to some companies still coming to grips after disruptions in form of transition to goods and services tax (GST), n, Fiat leapfrogging from BS-IV to BS-VI and electric mobility. gen, Sen dismissed concems Ivo, of some non-participating Daimler, members that the show is to, and becoming unaffordable. field The amount the partici-ng off pants pay for booking the space — 18,200 per sqm has remained the same over the past three editions, he said, point-ing that it was on apar with other inter-national shows. Besides pavilion for regular dis-plays, the show this year will have an auto-gaming arena, virtual reality experience of driving connected and autonomous electric vehicles. It would also have a special zone on 70 years of the automobile industry in India.