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Over 100 New Products to Sizzle at Indian Expo

Date: 16/01/2018 | Edition: Mumbai | Page: 5 | Source: Vatsala Gaur | Clip size (cm): W: 11 H: 14

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Extracted Text data: IN THE AUTO WORLD, FUTURE IS NOW Over 100 New Products to Sizzle at Indian Expo Mumbai: Auto enthusiasts can gear up for more than 100 product unveilings and around 24 launches at this year's Auto Expo next month despite some ma-jor manufacturers giving it a miss, a top official said. The biennial auto show, being held in Greater Noida in Delhi NCR from Fe-bruary 9 to 14, will also see new techno-logies being showcased, including tho-se associated with electric vehicles, said Arun Malhotra, chairman of Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SI-AM) trade fair group. "On the 7th and 8th February, there is a preview of more than 100 products," he sa-id at a press meet in Mumbai on Monday. ET had reported on Monday that seve-ral car and bike makers, including Volkswagen, Ford, Nis-san, Fiat Chrysler, Bajaj Auto and Royal Enfield Event to also have decided to skip Au- showcase to Expo 2018. technologies, Sugato Sen, deputy inchang director general at SI- those AM, attributed the ab- associated sence to "disruptions with taking place in the In- e-vehlcies dian auto market". "With the BS IV (Bharat Standard IV emission norms) to BS VI transition in two years and the electric vehicles plan, etc., companies are not really bringing in new conventional vehicles anymo-MORE THAN JUST GLAMOUR At least, 24 launches expected at Auto Expo re," he said. This is true especially for companies that only have a couple of brands in their portfolio, making it mo-re difficult to justify their participation in the expo, Sen said. SIAM said 24 launches this year is a huge increase from last edition's num-ber that did not exceed 2-3. Volkswagen had said its decision to not participate in the event had stemmed from the "global review of its event and show strategy that entails major com-mitments by way of time and planning", while Nissan Motor India cited a cons-cious decision to make use of "innovati-ve platforms and channels" to reach out to its target customers as the reason. The steep real estate cost in terms of stall rentals were also seen as a deter-rents. Sen, however, said the rate of put-ting up a stall has not changed.