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JK Paper September quarter net profit up 29% to Rs.57 crore

Date: 14/11/2017 | Edition: Mumbai | Page: 2 | Source: PTI | Clip size (cm): W: 5 H: 9

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Extracted Text data: .11( Paper September quarter net profit up 29% to f 57 crore JK Paper on Monday reported 28.82 per cent increase in stand-alone net profitto t56.63 croreforthe quarter ended on September30,2017, helped by i m proved operating efficiencies and lowerfinance costs. It had posted a net profit oft43.96 crore i n theluly-Septem ber qua rter a year-ago, JK Papersaid in a statement. However, itrtotal income from operations du ringthe period under reviewwas down 6.90 per centto 1677.86 cro re as againstr28.16 crore of the corresponding quarterlast financial year. P114