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Asian Youth Championship: 3 boxers in medal round

Date: 25/04/2018 | Edition: Delhi | Page: 14 | Source: Bureau | Clip size (cm): W: 5 H: 12

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Extracted Text data: BANGKOK Indian male boxers endured a mixed day at the Asian Youth Championships with three of them advancing to the medal rounds and qualifying for the Youth Olympics, while six oth-ers faltered in the quarterfinals here on Tuesday. Ankit Khatana (60kg), Bhavesh Katti-mani Kumar (52kg) and Aman (+91kg) won their quarterfinals to enter the semifinals and book a berth in the Youth Olympics, which will take place in Buenos Aires later this year. While Ankit and Bhavesh won their bouts 5-0, Aman was made to work hard for a 3-2 tri-umph by his Chinese oppo-nent. It was curtains for Barun Singh (49kg), Himmat Singh (91kg), Akash Kumar (64kg), Akash Kumar (56kg), Vijaydeep Duhan (69kg) and Ronak (81kg). On Monday, five Indian women boxers had assured themselves of medals, and two of a berth in the Youth Olympic Games.